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Ever just…


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Ain’t that a bitch… c’est la vie!
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Jun 18, 2011
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Coweta Co, Ga
Ever just get home off night shift at 2:30am (early compared to most days) and kiss them babies then make a cold drink and come sit in your fav spot and Jam t F out? Well …I do. If its not the pool or hot tub.. youll prob find me in my 5% blacked out crew cab with factory Bose system and 10” Kicker sub under the back seat…I turn it up and put the seat back, ya in the detached carport…just vibin. I could think of worse ways to spend my time. Nothing like some connected/disconnected time.

Anyway, I’d like to open this door for anyone that enjoys theirs space to be a rugged individual that enjoys personal space to let it go. (Responsibly.ish of course). I do it sometimes to release the negative **** we have no choice but to absorb and metabolize. Segwaying into Mens Health, I’d like to open this forum to talk about how we like to cast off sometimes. It’s tough out there building and dealing and overcoming and altogether trying to make the right decisions for all the blessed hearts we have in our circle.

I hope you guys can come here and vent and create + open a dialogue that could just not only serve to ‘shoot the ****’ but be of a place where we can bounce ideas or NOT or just vibe on what we are going through. We got to be here for each other.

Godspeed and I’m here to talk. Cheers my guys.


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Amelia Island is surely a livable place! We did work on John Portman’s home there. not to name drop. Just part of the job. That’s a nice area.
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