Finish the 2021 Calendar year Meet & Greet Campouts (Pick your dates and suggest where you'd like to have it)

Please choose your weekend that best fits your schedule.

  • Nov 5-7 2021

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  • Nov 12-14 2021

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  • Nov 19-21 2021

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  • Nov 26-28 2021

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  • Dec 17-19 2021

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Ok, Okay, k; This is to finish out the calendar year 2021 for camping meet and greets. Please post and choose from weekend dates in Nov and Dec 2021. OttoMan OttoMan , start blasting this out...

BIKER13 BIKER13 , Start recommending areas that are near hotels :D
  • Please comment in the thread below where you'd like the camping trip to be located. (Remember, there may be a load of folks that show up so there needs to be plenty of space for everyone).
Just some of what I bring to these things:
  1. Tent
  2. cot
  3. Air mat
  4. sleep bag
  5. Snacks
  6. Food for dinner Lunch and Bfast
  7. Fire Pit
  8. Splitting maw
  9. Small Propane BBQ
  10. 17" Black Stone Griddle
  11. 10'x10' pop up tent
  12. chainsaw
  13. Small Tailgate table
  14. 5 Gal Water
  15. A bunch of other shiznit.......
Drinks are always welcome both alcoholic and nonalcoholic

What you bring in you bring out. We leave the campgrounds better than we got them.

***** This would be pretty sweet if it were on private land with the ability for members to shoot. If this were able to be swung, I am able to provide steel for rifle and steel for pistol. I am also able to help those out that need assistance with Rifle Work as well as pistol work.


23 December 2021, this thread will close. If there’s no votes for a trip we will pic up in CY 2022. I will update OP with this same message.
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