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Fired for conceal carry at work ( for a friend)

Way Way back in my other Corporate life with Eckerd Drugs......my District included both Eckerd stores on Memorial Drive. Within 2 years I had to terminate two of my ASM's at the worse store of the two, just down from the jail, and one on site Loss Prevention person at the other store. All of them for carrying a legally concealed firearm. All were excellent employee's, all had valid GWCL's. Eckerd's policy was No Weapons, No exceptions. I off the record knew, but don't ask, don't tell. until another employee each time found out and reported it on the hot line and of course filtered back down to me. Had to immediately terminate without re-hire. These were my two worst stores for gangs, robberies, shop lifting.....lolol every day, internal thefts and on and on and on.........I hated it but sadly each employee thought they could "trust" their secret with another employee who then said something to another and another and then see ya!!
Guess one made report was ass@@&& trying go up promotion ladder or socialist minded dem/rat
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