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First elk hunt, what to bring....


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Corn Pop
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Feb 7, 2013
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Where the stars at night are big and bright.
Quick hunt next week. First time for elk. Can also shoot white tail. This is west Texas.
I tend to go on the lighter side trading "fast and flat" for "slow and rainbow". Used mostly a .260 for years for Ga whitetail.
So realistic choices would be:
7mm mag
.300 win mag
In addition to above also have a .308 I'd love to use but I don't trust it unfortunately (old 742).
Very confident in that .270. never hunted with the others.
.270 is capable with the right bullet within the right distance but elk are incredibly tough animals. I’ve seen videos of them hit through the vitals and remain standing. Most guides seem to say shoot until it’s down because a wounded elk can cover an unimaginable amount of ground compared to a whitetail. Like miles not yards lol. If I was paying money I’d want the round that gave me the best chance at incapacitation so 30/06, 7mag, and 300mag would all be good choices with 180gr or heavier. Good luck!!
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