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Form 1 application info needed


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Jul 24, 2010
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Tifton, GA
In the process of filling out the eform; I've got my passport photo uploaded for my pistol braced "freebie".

What do: Status, ID, Type vs Product Type need to be?
The caliber stamped on my lower is 556 but my upper is 300BO. Which should I list as caliber?
Should I use "maker" or "owner" if assembled from a stipped lower receiver?



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Sep 23, 2010
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Sandy Springs
Found out that I have a client that is an ATF Special Agent on the enforcement side. I asked him a few questions this evening.

1. The time frame is not to approval. It's to submitting the form, so not an issue.
2. He said it was perfectly okay to go ahead and put a normal stock on it before taking the pics.
3. He wasn't completely sure about the engraving, but said the serial number might be enough to distinguish the weapon.
4. There is no "Got ya!" and everyone just needs to calm the **** down. (My words)
5. Because this is a new classification and everyone knows it's a pain in the ass, (apparently many agents do not agree with it) we are getting free stamps without having any waiting period.

Other than the fact the weapon will be registered, there is no problem with this.
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