FS/FT 2005 Subaru Impreza AWD Automatic All Wheel Drive w/ 74,990 miles!


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Aug 9, 2012
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2005 Saab 9-2x Linear AWD AUTOMATIC (This is a Subaru Impreza for those that don't know).

Low miles: 74,990. Car originated in Atlanta, given to a family member in NY, then brought back down in August. New battery and alternator. Has dent on R/S front passenger door. Minor door dings and scratches on car.

Interior is the unique Saab 9-2X leather- NO RIPS. Sunroof and heated seats. Does need some cleaning though.

Clean title- no accidents except dent you see in pictures. Owned by retired senior citizen from 2005-June 2021.

Car has undercarriage rust. Recall is available from any GM dealer on the front lower control arms since we bought the SAAB in 2005 when SAAB was owned by GM. My GM dealer won’t perform the recall on the lower control arms unless the front subframe u shape bracket is replaced. See picture of what this looks like and IS NOT included in the sale. This part is readily available used and new. However, this part is not part of the suspension, but bolts to the suspension. So, in order to replace the suspension parts, you have to unbolt this front subframe. HOWEVER- in Japan, the JDM Subaru Impreza don’t even have this front subframe, if that tells you something. It is merely a US only front impact collision absorber, from the research I have done- designed to make the nose of the car dive under a taller vehicle upon impact, from what I researched.

Here is a link on how easy it is to replace this u shaped subframe. Realistically, this is an easy, albeit dirty job.

I don't have time or the space. Airbag and fuel line recall was correctly done at 74,850 miles.

Great car to swap out the parts on the suspension or swap over the body parts/interior to your Impreza or WRX. Car is tagged and drivable, but need to put the disclaimer in regarding the suspension.

Firm at $3500 based on the mileage.

If ad is up, I still have.

Sell outright, or trade for:

- Jeep Wrangler- Manual trans with 4.0 Liter, and at least the AC work (haha, I know). +/- cash
- AK's, Smith wheel guns, 1911s- surprise me with something(s) of equal value.
- ATV or side by side 4x4


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