North West GA FS/FT Antique Axe Collection for trade


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Jul 25, 2019
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Winder ga
Item Name: FS/FT Antique Axe Collection for trade

Location: Auburn ga

Zip Code: 30011

Item is for: Sale or Trade
Sale Price: 500$
Trade Value or Items Looking For: 500$

Willing to Ship: No

Bill of Sale Required?: No

Item Description: Antique Axe Collection looking to trade for antique firearm . Some of these are going for over 100$ a piece on ebay but I don't feel like dealing with shipping so just looking to trade From top right down it's as follows -kelly woodslasher boys axe (40$)
-unknown axe with Forester handle (10$)
-Sager Double bit (old man I bought it from said( his father had it when he was a boy )(50$)
-collins Double bit(20$)
-Collins double bit(20$
Kelly Woodslasher Double bit (50$)
-unknown axe (found hung in a barn )(25$)
-Jersey pattern (40$)
-Kelly Perfect Axe (60$)
-Collins Axe (20$)
-last two are unknown as well both are the same pattern but top one has bevels (20$ each)
Middle axes are black knight spilting maul (15$)
Unknown AXE 5 pound head it's absolute unit compared to the others (80$)(sold)
Unknown hatchet with handmade handle (pitted)(5$)
Two unknown hatchet heads (pitted)( 5$ each )
One Kenn kutter head (engraved)(15$)
And finally a "our very best" head (engraved)(25$)
I also have some older pick axes , a scythe and a brush axe that are not pictured
They could use a good cleaning but they are all in pretty good shape except the handle on the black night and the two unmarked hatchet heads that are pretty pitted but would give a "barbaric " finish all would make great wall hangers or daily users . Very good start to a collection




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C Drill97

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May 17, 2020
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Fairmount Ga
Pretty neat. I like old axes myself. I’ve got one that’s early early 1900’s if not late 1800’s I got from my great grandma’s when she passed last year. It’s a double headed axe and pretty thin on the handle where it’s been used so many times.

I’ve also got an old handmade rake or something from early 1900’s I got from her place. I’ve got them both hanging on my little shop.
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