FS/FT Ruger American tactical talo 6.5 creedmoor-price drop


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May 13, 2017
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Up for sale or trade is a Ruger American tactical talo w/ 18in stainless and threaded barrel in 6.5 Creedmoore. About 100 rounds down the pipe, in great condition. I have box and docs for the gun. It Will come with vortex 30 mm rings, Trijicon 4-16x50mm green illuminated MRAD 0.1 mil adjustment scope w/box and docs, 4 mags(I think 2 10 rounders and 2 5 rounders but will double check), Hornady custom 6.5 die set, and probably around 150 factory and 250 reloaded hornady 143gr eld x rounds. I will count and repudiate listing with complete round count soon. The scope has only been mounted on this rifle, and is in perfect condition. The bipod, suppressor, and muzzle break in the picture are not included with this one. Possibly Interested in sigs, desert eagle in 50ae, Wilson combat, Lwrc, ADM, high end AKs maybe, POF, nightforce, HK, radian, 45-70 tactical lever guns, kimber 1911s, other 1911, anything else quality. Lmkwyg, PM inquiries, and reach out if you have questions. Can add cash for right deal.
Approx value:
mags x4- 70
ammo+ dies- still need to count but around 300 mostly 143 gr eldx- $$?


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