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Oct 20, 2017
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Northeast Georgia
Hey ODT!

Up for sale only is a LNIB H&K VP9 Optic Ready 9mm. Not a dent, ding, scratch, etc. on this one, perfect new condition in box. Condition of weapon indicated it has not been fired, but can not verify, so selling LNIB. Awesome weapon platform, absolutely excellent reviews, trigger action and reset is outstanding. Optic plate is purchased separately through H&K website for your personal choice of optics ($30 retail cost).

The package included is as follows:
  • Original box, docs, etc.
  • (2) 17 round H&K factory magazines
  • All back-straps and grip panels for customizing weapon grip to your hand
  • All controls are completely ambidextrous
  • New sight configuration, which includes a high-visibility front sight and a “clean” black serrated rear
  • Optional optics-ready cut with cap. Adapter plates are sold separately and are available from the HK web store
Some specifications following for your review:
  • CaliberLengthHeightWidthBarrel LengthSight Radius
    9mm x 197.34 in.5.41 in.1.32 in.4.09 in.6.38 in.
  • CaliberMagazine CapacityTrigger PullTrigger TravelReturn TravelBarrel Profile/Twist
    9mm x 19 175.4 lbs..24 inches.12 inchesPolygonal, 6 grooves, right-hand twist, 1 in 9.8 inches

As always, you will need to present a valid State of Georgia Driver’s License and Concealed Carry Weapon’s License at time of meet.

Thanks for taking the time to view this post and pictures. Please PM only any questions or offers to purchase this weapon.

Please pray for our troops around the globe!

Semper Fi!



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