FS Sig p320 compact/xcompact 9mm


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Sep 10, 2016
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I have a p320 up for sale. It is a compact on an xcompact grip module in medium. The distinction is made, because the compact has a 3.9" barrel vs the xcompact's 3.6". This p320 was sent back to sig for the VUP and sig installed a flat trigger for me.

It has night sights, sorta. They're not the brightest.

The original grip module is included on the sale. It comes with one mag for each grip module, as I cut down the sides of the baseplate for one to fit the x grip. If you want me to cut down the other, I can do that prior to sale.

$600. Sorry, not trades at this time. I was going to do all kinds of fun stuff with this but changed my mind. I will only sell to established members with good feedback.

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