FT "Custom" PSA AR-V MP5 Style 7" 9mm PDW w/ Romeo Red Dot


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Apr 19, 2011
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Warner Robbins
*sorry if I am slow to reply, I’ll do my best*
Brand New, not a single round fired but has been fondled and customized. These were on sale for 1 day and they sold out in a few hours and haven't gone back on sale since. Comes with box, docs, and 4- 32rd mags (works with AK-V and CZ Scorpion mags). This is a freaking SWEET little pistol. It has a Sig Romeo MSR red dot, HK style BUIS, Hogue grip, purple charging handle with extended latch, purple take down pins, purple ambi safety, purple/black quick adjust single point sling, purple anti walk screws for trigger/hammer group. I also put traction grip tape on the foregrip, peel it off if you don't like it, underneath it's just slick metal. If you want, I have everything to get it back stock as well if you don't like the purple stuff or the Hogue (stock came with a MOE grip) and can adjust price/TV accordingly. Barrel is 7 inches with a thread protector and fixed tri-lug. I have about $1250 invested, and I'd like to get close to that out of it for the full package. Interested in cash, trade, or cash plus trade and multi trades. Prefer to trade. Don't need to move it, just got the trade itch and can always use cash. I’ll also trade for guitars. I can't add cash to any trades. I live in Byron (Warner Robins) and work in Macon. Will drive for a sweet deal.


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