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FT Romanian Mini Draco w/ brace


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Aug 9, 2012
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Woodstock, GA
Romanian Mini Draco w/ Brace in 7.62x39

By contacting me you are indicating that you are a GA resident who is legal to purchase this firearm.

Also, I will only do business with Traders who have positive feedback and accounts older than 1 month.

Looking to even out my ammo to gun ratio with a nice .308 rifle. This is a great little gun, and has been super reliable with no issues. This is not the American made VSKA piece of junk Draco, this Draco was manufactured in Romania by Romarm/Cugir and imported by CAI.

I'm looking for either a KEL-TEC RFB, CZ BREN 2 (a stretch), or a nice AR-10 in 308. You can always offer me something else, and I might take it into consideration, but it would have to be something really appealing to me. I can add mags and ammo for the right deal. Let me know what you've got!


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