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GET SOME. Official NFA Pic thread.

Whisper pickle testing day. Rex MG7, YHM R9, DA Wolfmam, AB-F4.


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Got an email from LGS late afternoon that three NFA items I bought came in. The ruger was really neat and no one at the shop could put it down. I'm getting them to cerekot the barrel sleeve to match the parkerized gun.

The Ruger is a 1954 US stamped MK1 issued to the army. It has a integral suppressor and ported barrel. It has a bolt lock for ultra quiet single shots.

The AUG was very impressive. In new condition from 1986, with a Qualified auto sear trigger pack. I got to test fire it to check the function of the progressive trigger and it functioned perfectly. Pull the trigger half way and it's semi auto. Pull it all the way and it's full auto. Felt guilty shooting it without oiling it up first after staying unfired for 35years. But it still ran like a top. Putting the trigger pack in a super rare (1 of 300 imported before the ATF pulled the plug) Aug Para 9mm that I have coming in next week. I'll leave the A1 in pristine condition, and instead bought two new 556 Augs coming in next week as well. One is tan one is black. Also ordered a 24" hbar bipoded barrel assembly and a 14.5" barrel last night along with an elcan for one of the 556 guns and an Eotech XPS3 for the Para 9mm.

Lastly is the Tec9. I got one with a registered FA open bolt as you dont want to get a registered lower on these ones. I bought a brand new 1982 KG99 as the new host. Will make a custom telescoping stock for it and optic mount for an Aimpoint Arco. It's going be a proper smg, almost as good as my mp5. OK, maybe 50% as good, but that's still not bad.

Did the docusign on them tonight, so hopefully I can certify and submit tomorrow.




9mm Aug Para

With the Qualified sear pack in the Para, it would be the same as this one:

Tec 9 with registered BG bolt

New 1982 KG99 host for the BG bolt



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