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Giveaway in Celebration of Accomplishments in 2021

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Nov 16, 2016
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Here we go!!!!
As I promised last weekend (December 31st) I am throwing this Giveaway celebrating all my awesome deals last year, with the most GREAT folks on ODT. When we started 2021, I had ONLY 57 Positive Feedbacks. By the end of last year, I had 267 Positive feedbacks, which comes to a total of: 210 great deals with you all, in the midst of Crazy 2021 dems Pandemic, and the good news is, I don't remember seeing any of you with a mask in our meet-ups, that's good... lol. -- But the truth is, I had so many more deals(maybe 30) with other folks that didn't care to leave a word of gratitude after we had a deal. For the first time, I had to ask the MODs to delete one of my feedbacks last year, because the guy didn't care about both of our efforts to meet each other, stopping our daily hours of work and time consuming in traffic for that meet-up. Even when we ship something, we have to stop our day and go to the shipping company to send it.

What I consider a deal? All the transaction involving a swap, a selling, a buying, a giving away, even FREE stuff... Nothing is for FREE, and someone is fighting against their pockets to give you whatever it's post for FREE & Giving Away.


  • Everyone has ONE entry
  • If you ever had ONE deal with me and post a ONE TIME feedback, you can add another entry, and so TWO in total. (count them since I joined ODT)
  • Those of you that had TWO or more deals (2 and above) with me and posted a word of gratitude called "feedback", you can post THREE entries. (also count them since I joined ODT)
NOTE: As I mentioned above, ANY deal: selling, buying, swapping, free stuff, giveaway, even my HVAC job, if you called me thru ODT friendship, truth is we had a deal.

Winners will be chosen by a Random Number Generator in the night of January 21, 2022, that way I may can bring some of the prizes to the Swap - M&G at TruePrep on Saturday 01/22 and handle it to the winner or their representative.:becky::becky::becky::becky: -- UPDATE: I am sorry, I won't be there. I'll be working the entire day Saturday! So, I will ship them out or arrange to meet ya!

TOTAL of FIVE Prizes --
The winners for the prizes with ammo, you must be legally allowed to own a firearm and to buy ammo in the State of Georgia.

THOSE that might be the winner and live far, far away and we can't meet, we need to share the shipping costs. We will talk thru PMs.

PRIZE # 01
A pair of classic pocket knives. One with a Buck Head, for hunters and the other one flags of United State & Confederate Battle Flag. NOTE: If you win these knives and you have some wrong feelings against the confederate Flag, please let's talk so I can change to something else.


PRIZE # 02
Forty rounds of Wolf .223 Ammo, 55 grain FMJ & A strong tactical pocket knife with the American flag colors.


PRIZE # 03
Forty rounds of Winchester 5.56 Ammo, 62 grain FMJ & A strong tactical pocket knife with the American flag colors.


PRIZE # 04
One shooter's earmuffs; One tactical keys holder; Two American Flag patches "Don't Tread on Me" & A rifle sling



PRIZE # 05
Pakistan made 36" Samurai sword with handle designed in a snake shape. The blade of this thing is probably around 24". A very cool piece to have!


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