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Go Give Blood!

I used to give blood until I started traveling more and then they wouldn't let me because of certain third world countries & malaria ect. Havent been traveling much latley so will try again
I donated blood one time, because I finally had time to do it. The process was great and easy to do. Then they started hounding me relentlessly…..about when am I coming back in to give more blood. They have totally turned me away from donating any more blood. They were worse than any telemarketer.
Same experience. I still give occasionally but only when they come to my employer.
In light of my recent blood work coming back good, I decided I want to start donating blood. Made my appointment for this Sunday at the American Red Cross in Athens. I had always wanted to before but was afraid of the needle. The blood they took from me the other day didn't hurt one bit. Donating blood is a good deed but also has health benefits for the donor like lowering BP, clots, stroke and heart attack risks, and improving mental health. Also, I'm curious what my type is. I go to Athens pretty regularly so I plan on trying to do this every 2 months.

No. I wont donate to flippers. Second, im unvaxed so you arent getting this **** for free
A lifetime donor with various organizations. Just found out the Red Cross is on the southern border assisting illegal immigrants. If I have to drain my blood into the ground I’ll do that. assholes.
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