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Got a stoopid question


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Lone Wolf
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Sep 1, 2014
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N W Ga.
For years I bought my reloading supplies from a locally owned and operated store. Barrett’s gun and reloading. When I needed projectiles for reloading 30-0-06 I simply told him I need however many boxes of 150 grain 30-0-06 bullets i wanted and he got them for me. Well he passed away and now I look at on line places like Midsouth, x-treme bullets, etc and I don’t see 30-0-06 bullets. I do see 30 cal .308 diameter 150 grain bullets. Are these for 30-0-06???,,,,,,,,l,Told yall I had a stoopid question and go ahead and beat me up,,,,,, I am beating myself up for not knowing for sure. Been reloading em for a bunch of years. L O L
A friend asked me if I would reload a box of 150 grain and I said sure. Then I see I only had 6 bullets. Got about 1500 125 grain. Both are Spitzer soft points. He is going to sight a new scope in and I mainly use them for target practice. I don’t hunt anymore but I live in an area where I can shoot to my hearts content so I do. LOL
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