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Got a stoopid question

I have found with my 6. 8 SPC it doesn't really make that much of a difference as long as you keep the head stamps together and make it similar across the range. You can expect some deviation if you're mix matching brass with the same load. For hunting it won't make that much of a difference but if you're trying to squeeze maximum accuracy out of each load you need to keep the head stamps together.
A 308 Winchester is basically a shortened 30-06 Springfield case. Just the 30-06 holds more powder, so you can make them go a little bit faster.

For all practical purposes a .308 bullet isn't just for a .308 Winchester. It works in most all 30 caliber rifle cartridges with a few caveats.

Complete cartridge name is more important than some know. There are other cartridges called 308 (i.e. 308 arrow) and other cartridges called 300.

I.E. 300 Winchester Mag, 300 Weatherby Mag, 300 Blackout, all have 300 in name and use .308 diameter bullets. However, the cases are far from interchangeable.

A good reloading manual will have the case dimensions in a drawing for each individual cartridge including the bullet diameter. You can compare and see the differences between a .308 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield there as well as many others.

No, it wasn't a stoopid question. Stoopid would be having blindly loaded them without knowing they were was the right ones. :)

I am getting some 30-06 dies here shortly and going to start reloading those. I need to shoot my old Remy 700 BDL more. She's got bite but I am looking to have a custom pad made for it. Anybody have any suggestions on that matter?
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