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Mar 22, 2011
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I'll be holding my first gun show this weekend at the Atlanta Expo Center. Price of my uppers will be lower than the website plus i will have the biggest tiered discounts i have ever offered - $20 off $200, $30 off $300, $40 off $400 and $50 of $500. Plus Free T-shirt with every upper purchase. Mention that you are an ODT member and get another $5 off.

If you want an upper from me and are going to the show, you can let me know now and i can prepare one for you and extend you the special pricing at the show.

Hope to see some familiar faces at the show. Thanks again for all your support. Chris

Website: pro2a-tactical.com

And I had plans to finally buy some of your wife's soap for my wife!:doh:


I've bought enough for Hayata's wife to know us by now. Good luck at the gun show as the Expo one is about the one I would attend any more. Working Fri-Mon 12 hour nights this week, so not really an option for me.
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