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Help picking hunting scope?

Thread in 'Gear Reviews' started by BCM1323654788, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. BCM1323654788

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    Feb 20, 2017
    Duluth GA
    I'm partial to Leupold's duplex reticle as others are sometimes too thin at dusk to see. I'm looking to stand hunt on public land in the future. I've always used 2-7 scopes with about 40-46yds field of view @ 100yds on lowest power setting. This time around (setting up a new rifle) I'd like to try something with more field of view and less overall magnification because out of the 15 or so deer that I've killed over the years, I think I made one 80 yard shot, and everything else was shot at close range.

    I can recall one time when I was hunting a friend's stand that I couldn't really move around in and it really wasn't set up right (kinda too tall for the foliage and topography plus almost eye level with the game). I had a six-point walk up close on my right side, and couldn't reposition without him seeing me, so I ended up needing to take a left-handed shot just as he was past me and about to slip over the hill at about 15 yards. It was really hard to find him in the scope as he was walking fast, plus I'd never practiced left-handed much, so needless to say I missed the shot. I feel like if I would have had a scope with twice the field of view in that moment I would have stood a better chance.

    I've also done some ground hunting on private land where I've taken deer at spitting distances.

    I only need enough light transmission to see 30 mins before/after legal sunrise/sunset, but the chances are that I will be in deep woods when that happens, so it will be pretty hard to see.

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the Leupold VX-2 1-4, VX-3i 1.5-5, or the VX-R 1.25-4 because these scopes offer the field of view that I'm looking for, plus they're small and lightweight (particularly the VX-2 and VX-3i)?

    I was leaning towards the VX-3i because of the superior glass coatings and better glass quality, plus it's the middle of the road in price. The VX-3i and VX-R also have 0.80" "Objective Clear Aperture" where the VX-2 has 0.70" (I think that's a measurement of a lens inside the scope which I would think allows better light transmission)?

    I really wish they made a true 1-4 power x 36/38/44 objective because then I could guarantee best low light transmission but I think they know that creating such a scope would eliminate the need for a lot of other products in their line.

    The rifle's a Browning XBolt Medallion .280 Rem 22" barrel 6lbs 12oz unloaded. I'm going to handload 140's down to 2700 fps for a fast, light recoil, up close deer gun set up, that could still be used to hunt a 300-yard field should I reload up to 3000-3100fps.

    Any first-hand experience with said or related scopes would be appreciated, Thanks

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