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Help with Bow Brands and Recommendations

Natosha Jacobs

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Jan 11, 2021
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New York, NY
Need some help. Started shooting archery a little over 50 years ago, recurve. After about 20 years transitioned into the compound arena. Now, back to recurve. Due to a back surgery I want to keep the poundage low, 30-35 lbs. I have a draw length of 29.5 inches. My shooting consists of backyard target flinging and maybe..........a 3d shoot. Started looking online for bows, there is a lot of new brands that I have never heard of. In the past I was a Bear, Pearson, Martin fan. Want to stay in the less than 300.00 range. Saw a lot of reviews on the Samick brand, compared the Samick Sage to the new Deluxe. Then found a brand from Southwest Archery that is made by the original crew at Samick. Very confused. Can I get some recommendations for a bow from the folks here on the site please. Due to my draw length I suppose a 62-64 inch bow would be best. I have no preference as to one piece or take down. I shoot 3 under tab barebow. Thanks.


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Jul 6, 2010
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Jasper GA
You really in New York???
That said, I am in your same boat. Have just returned to archery as a way to chill out and relax. No golf for me. I began shooting traditional back in the late 70's. Never made the transition to compounds. I still say they are not real bows. But....
Every bow I had on hand was 55 lbs and over. I knew better to try and start back with one of those. The Sages, be they Samick or Spyder get no bad press other than they seem to stack a bit and may not be the fastest. I ordered a 40 pound one and have played with it a bit. Waiting for properly spined arrows to arrive. I have nothing bad to say. I think for the money and just starting back they are a great way to see if the hobby will "Stick".
If I were to do it over again, I might actually get a 35 pound one. Not going to hunt deer with it. But there is the whole man pride thing of shooting what I considered a Girl's bow. Just can't do it.
Good Luck starting back. It is a great way to leave the modern world behind and just have fun.
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