Howdy from Paulding County, GEORGIA! New to ODT...but not new to Guns!


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Jan 17, 2014
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Villa Rica, ga 30180
Hello everyone, I found out about ODT at the Emerson gun show last weekend from the owner of Dittrich Arms, a new gun shop in Cartersville, GA. I was walking around the gun show with my MG 34 on my shoulder, looking to sell it, and he said ODT would be a good place to list it. I've been very interested in guns for well over 50 years, and even had my first one confiscated at age 7! It was a toy cowboy "Peacemaker" I purchased at a 5 and dime store for $4; it fired little red bullets with some kind of spring action. My mother (a life-long democrat) found it hidden in an old cigar box when I was at school. I never saw it again. I had to find "gun-like" sticks in the woods when playing Army. Decades later, after two years at The Citadel, graduating from another college, working in various job fields, and getting married, I was in SASS and shot with the Cherokee Cowboys near Gainesville. I've always gravitated towards military arms, but have an extensive collection of CW/Old West pistols and long arms as well. See what happens when you are forbidden to have guns when a minor? I've been on two other gun sites for many years (gun broker and gun boards), and am glad to have found out about ODT, and it was great to see they are HQ'd in Atlanta.
Best Regards, Mike


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Nov 16, 2016
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Flowery Branch, GA (Oakwood area..)
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