I tried something different today.

greg vess

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Jan 13, 2013
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Big Island, VA.
I usually run H2 buffers in all my 6.8 guns just because it softens the hit a good bit and they run fine. The other day I took my 14.5 inch barrel 6.8 out and noticed it was still hitting a little hard. So I tried a H3 buffer and it seemed to tame it down a bit. I not sure to leave it there are try a Sprinco one step up in power and go back to the H2. I have heard and seen charts for H3 buffers in that length suppressed but I have not found an instance where a non suppressed gun use the weight. I know every gun is different but I just hope its the right move. It's pinned a welded so a adjustable gas block is out of the equation. I guess I will run it a while and see how it does with various ammo and temperature fluctuations.
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