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IFAK type and placement?


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Mar 23, 2019
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Gainesville, FL
I have a mayflower PC. I have an IFAK but I cant find any comfortable place to put it. Does anyone have a smaller sized, but still equipped IFAK brand and placement on PC? It’s annoying as hell.
Current set up has it covering my fat rolls ( dangling)


Older set up had on kit, towards back....


But on the "battle belt" seems to be popular placement and it makes sense to me.

Also what I recommend in a med kit( if you know how to use it, GET TRAINING! ):

I’ve been to CLS twice. I need to keep going though. It’s a perishable skill. What dangler IFAK is that? Mine is on the side and is massive.

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I honestly can't remember. I know I didn't like anything from LBT, HSG, or Shellback. I think I ordered it from LA Police gear but can't remember the brand.
For carrier mounted, I really dig the Ferro roll 1. I like it mounted on the small of my back below my plate bag. It can be accessed with both hands, doesn’t get caught on ****, and low key acts as lumbar support if you’re ever in and out of vehicles. The only thing I dislike is you have to find another spot to keep your shears and TQs. Not a big deal, but keep that in mind.


For belt mounted, I like the blue force gear micro trauma kit now with a TQ/shear hanger. I mount it around 7 o clock so I can reach it with both hands, but not where it’s centered enough that I rack my back if I fall backwards. I’ve had bad luck with having stuff mounted directly at 6 personally.


I’ll throw any supplementary stuff in a GP pouch or fanny sack if I want more. I also ranger band/rubber band TQs on everything I can that won’t get in the way.

I wear both. I like having an IFAK on my belt so that even if I’m not wearing my PC, I’ve got one. Meanwhile, the roll one is so comfortable and out of the way that there really isn’t a downside to having it as extra med. It will never hurt to have extra life saving gear.
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