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Is everyone’s money real tight right now?

Having went to a funeral just yesterday, my wife and I came to the conclusion that if you wait until you die to give anyone anything, you are an asshole.

Sorry if that is harsh but folks don’t want the burden of divvying up your junk. My girls certainly don’t see the value of my stuff like I do, so that $100k of tools and or guns, will be sold for cents on a dollar. Sell that stuff, spend it to live your life to the fullest or give it to the person(s) of your choosing while you are still living so that they will appreciate it.
I'm not old, but not a spring chicken either. I have started gifting firearms, jewelry, and the like to family. What I don't gift I will sell over time. Having less stuff is very liberating.
look at the past year and how much inflation has eaten away at peoples fun money.
not going by government numbers but actual numbers 10% over a year will deplete any thing you have stashed away.
Yeah I make more now ( including side work) than I ever have and I'm STILL short . It's like every week since about January there's been some little bull**** issue that came up that seems to ALWAYS cost me $100.00 . As in the $100.00 I was planning to stash in the coffee can.
Not to mention that everything you NEED for day to day living is now 25 to 50% more than it was 12 - 18 months ago.
$9.00 for a 30 fl oz jar of Miracle Whip... this Biden Inflation SUCKS!
Yeah mayo has gone through the roof lately even store brands . I was just in a Dollar General and needed window cleaner for home and work. For years I got it on their dollar aisle full of cleaning supplies. It's not there now. But it IS on the regular cleaning supplies aisle marked at $2.50 or $3.20. Same brand same size.
I need to start liquidating also. Health seems OK, but age says “any time, now”.
Hard to do when you love everything you own, but wife could never handle sale of this crap.
Need to get daughter and SIL to come see what they might want, then start selling off the rest.
I have already begun. I have more yesterdays than tomorrows and my wife will not be able to deal with much of anything if I go first. Pretty sure I will.
I have sold eight guns to friends in the last two weeks and will give some to sons.
Many other things have to go as well.
I remember having to deal with FIL's stuff when he passed. A real nightmare.
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