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Is everyone’s money real tight right now?

Yeah I make more now ( including side work) than I ever have and I'm STILL short . It's like every week since about January there's been some little bull**** issue that came up that seems to ALWAYS cost me $100.00 . As in the $100.00 I was planning to stash in the coffee can.
Not to mention that everything you NEED for day to day living is now 25 to 50% more than it was 12 - 18 months ago.
Damn, I really wish I could make my repairs on my Freightliner for $100.
Hell yeah. Love slinging some D. Context is everything. That tournament plastic from westside discs is my favorite, even though I primarily throw MVP.

Lots of MVP. It is getting bad. My apc9k fits in my pound carlton middle pocket.
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