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Is it time to start organizing more militias?


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Feb 28, 2021
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Banks county
Seems like it. We’ve all seen the news. Patriots who aren’t prepared to be judged by 12, are now being carried by 6.

Those of us who live in the country are still safe, and will be for a long time to come. But those of us who live in the cities are already feeling the heat.

So what happens when one of our fellow ODTers needs extra security to stop a mob from burning down his small business, or his home - and the cops are too overwhelmed to do anything?
It’s gonna be WAY too late at that point to start organizing, meeting, and vetting ourselves.

“But what’s that you say? You’ve already got a network of friends who are well organized and ready?”

Good for you. But a lot of us don’t.

“And what’s that you say? You’re paranoid that offers like this are an invitation to wind up on the wrong side of an ATF/FBI undercover operation?”

Bull Crap. Militias are not illegal. And if you think they should be, then you probably don’t belong on the ODT. And if anyone in my unit suggests anything illegal, you better believe they won’t be in my unit for very long.

So how about it? Who’s ready to meet up about twice a month and do a little target practice and field exercises?
How do I join one in banks county georgia


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Aug 25, 2018
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Athens, GA
Good luck with that
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