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ISO Athens Lease or Club Opening Nearby (hour or so)

Bo Coleman

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Nov 23, 2020
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Athens, GA
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Christian Coleman here, 22 and looking around for land to lease myself or a club to join anywhere between Athens and Eatonton. I’m a land surveying crew chief for a design and engineering firm out of Nashville. I do their surveying around the Atlanta area. I’m also in school full-time. I can provide character references etc. Not your typical 22 year old, sad I have to say that but my generation hasn’t made a great reputation for me. Anyways, I deer hunt and eat everything. Would be interested in trophy management if that’s on the table. I’ll be getting married this next year so i’d like to be able to bring my wife occasionally, she’s not a hunter, but I don’t want to have to pay extra if she wants to come every so often, and even a friend occasionally. I drink beer though I don’t go crazy. Definitely willing put in my fair share of work on a club.... As far as leases go.. i’m open to about anything. Thanks y’all. Happy Thanksgiving.
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