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Item Relisted! FS 308 Ruger American Semi-Custom with scope Reduced

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Jun 28, 2022
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Fayetteville, Ga
Ruger American Predator (18") .308 rifle with Bell and Carlson fiberglass stock, AICS bottom metal, Five round Magpul mag, Burris Signature 3-15x44 illuminated reticle, Leupold PRW rings, bolt mounted Level and Picatinny plate. $1600.00

Ammo used can be available for additional $.

I am working on a ready to go package for hunters and shooters that don't want to take the time to figure things out on their own. I wanted a rifle that would pretty much work for any hunting east of the Mississippi, and you could also take to a place like the Rifle Ranch and shoot some distance without being too heavy to hunt with.

I also hate a flimsy plastic stock that comes on most rifles, so I upgraded this to a Bell and Carlson for more stability and the AICS mag for better feeding. I used an illuminated reticle to make sure it could be seen if shooting a black background (hog and bear).

Ruger coming out with the Gen II of the American kind of put a wrinkle in my plans.

I am going to sell this one and start over.

I have targets shown that I shot with this, Part of my package is that the gun is tested with several different ammo types.

This rifle shot the best with the Sig 165gr Accubond load. It measures around 3/4" with a Riton scope that I was not wild about the reticle on. I changed to the Burris that's on it now and shot at 50 to confirm zero. I feel like the groups will shrink with the new scope at 100 plus.

Only been to the range twice to zero.

I will have it at the ODT Show this weekend.


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