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Item Relisted! FS AIMPOINT Micro T-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight - Standard Mount


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Jun 14, 2023
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Gray, GA

If we had a conversation before I will honor the previous price if you change your mind. BUT! I will accept a better offer if I get it. When I tell you you've got it, you have it locked down.​

$700 meet up or $718 shipped, if it saves me from dealing with randoms on auction sites and it saves me from giving a dime to eBay. Or BEST OFFER meet up/add 18 dollars shipped

If I'm gonna be faced with taking less than 700 for this, it's gonna be one of you before I let it be because of ebay's fees. You have until I can no longer afford to wait, at which point I will sell another gun and just keep this amazing optic for my SP5 because it'll be cheaper to buy another gun in a few months than this $1k optic after taxes/shipping from aimpoint. So don't wait long. You have until someone bids for this on gunbroker or I take it off the market, and I'm warning you I'm already very close to just that because I am painfully aware of my optic's condition, new prices, and what I'm asking.

Micro® T-2™ Red Dot Reflex Sight - Standard Mount - MPN: 200170 99% minty condition barely used $700 cash meet up or $718 shipped via Zella or PPF&F, or BEST OFFER​

You get the optic, tool for optic, and two manuals. The box Aimpoint had no time in the day for making fancy so I threw it away. It's just a plain white cardbox box with foam for fitting mount and tool. You're not missing out. Will craft something up for shipment with kaizen foam. Spent most of the last two years sitting on my SP5 in a pelican case. I have two magazines worth of ammo through the gun, all in one shooting trip, while trying out my new suppressor. Never adjusted it. It was good enough out of the box for me at 15 yards, hitting pretty much exactly on the money. An inch or two off it's mark, maybe. The plan was always to zero it fully but I simply never got around to it. It's a long drive to my "range" at my brother's house.

Currently $929 on Aimpoints site where I originally bought it. One great deal that I've found but it's still nearly 900 dollars on eurooptics after tax. For mine, $700 cash meet up or $718 shipped w/ insurance via Zelle or Paypal friends and family. or, BEST OFFER. USPS shipped.

I added more pictures, and it's still 99% MINTY. Because it sat on my gun in a pelican case for two years and saw 5 minutes of action on a single day of use for 60 rounds. Yes I raised my price now that I added ALL the MINTY pictures. You can feel free to give me an offer if this offends you. If you saw what my price was before, you know a starting point for a offer. I'm getting down to the wire here on needing to sell this. Next up is forcing some hands to make the purchase on GB and just watch as they raise it another $100 from the start price and end up paying what I'm asking for anyways lol...

TAKE NOTICE: AIMPOINT warranty does not transfer ownership because they are not cool like Vortex. But take comfort in knowing it's still an aimpoint. It will probably last beyond it's long warranty period. If anything it hurts my sale by pointing this out but I know some of you are not experts about your gun stuff. You're just a dude looking for a minty optic for well less than retail. It's amazing that I'm offering you just that right now! Better hurry before someone decides to bid on my GB auction!


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