Item Relisted! FS Aimpoint & Scalarworks in Stock...Leap/08 30mm & Kick/02 Risers..Aimpoint Restock 6/10


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Jul 23, 2021
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Hello all, we are new here to Outdoor Trader but not new to the business. We are an online retailer that specializes in Optics and Accessories.

Everything we have is on hand ready to ship next day, absolutely NO dropshipping from us

We are now a Dealer for Aimpoint & Scalarworks and are working to get more of their product in stock

We can offer a Cash DISCOUNT of 3%(Venmo, zelle, cashapp, money order)

Add to cart for price below

Micro T2, No mount - $650
Micro H2, Standard Mount - $620
CompM4, No Mount - $660 Out of Stock
CompM4s, No Mount - $685
CompM5, Standard Mount - $700
CompM5s w LRP QD Mount & 39MM Spacer - $845

Micro Mounts - All Heights
ACRO - 1.57"
MRO - 1.93" & 1.57"
RMR - 1.57" & 1.42"

Map price is $149, email for price on site

Kick/01 Picatinny Riser - $149(E-Mail for Price)

NEW Leap/08 and Leap/09 30MM & 34MM 1.57" & 1.93" Mount - $439.99(E-Mail for Price)

Kick/02 Offset RMR Mount - $119(E-Mail for Price)

Scalarworks Peak Front & Rear Sight - $129/Each (E-Mail for Price)

Scalarworks Magnifier Mounts - All Heights $249(E-MAIL FOR PRICE)

Scalarworks Aimpoint Pro Mount 1.57" - $210(E-MAIL FOR PRICE)
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