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Item Relisted! FS Beretta 92XI Single Action Only Make an Offer

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Jun 28, 2014
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Dallas, GA
For Sale Beretta 92XI Single Action Only 9mm handgun. This gun has had less than one hundred rounds through it. It works, and cycles reliably. The gun comes with the case, and two 18 round magazines, and can be fitted with an optic if you buy the correct plate. This is essentially Beretta's answer to the 2011 phenomenon, and it's a great gun. However, I've carried and used Glocks so long it just doesn't suit my tastes. I will put links below to the Beretta site which has all the specifications on the pistol along with a few locations showing the going price is about $850. If interested make me an offer. I am not really looking for trades unless you happen to have a Glock G45 MOS in good condition. If so I would consider a trade plus some cash. At time of sale I will need to see your carry card just to ensure you're 21 or older.



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