Item Relisted! FS Custom hand made leather rifle slings and holsters Glock, Sig, 1911, NAA, Taurus...


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Jan 18, 2013
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Lawrenceville, GA
I am a self taught part-time leather worker, stated this journey in April 2020. It all started as a hobby that I’ve started loving. I have a regular job as a warehouse manager. This is just something I really enjoy doing on the weekends. I’ve sold several holsters and sheaths to ODTers.

I hand cut, dye, and hand make all my products with natural veg tan leather. I can get exotic leathers as well (prices will increase)

I have several made and available now. All are right hand draw.

$40-Rifle sling adjustable 50”-55” (1 in stock) olive green

$85-Chest rigs for Glock, S&W Shield and Sig P365 (1 of each)
The Glock is pictured with a prop 17 that I 3D printed. Will also work for most double stack models (standard, compact and subcompact). Great for bikers and hikers!

$50-Strong side OWB for Glock (2 each)
$35-Pocket holster for NAA 22LR and 22MAG (2 each)

$60-OWB pancake style with thumb break for 1911

I also have several different prop guns I can make custom holsters including:
Taurus Millennium G2
Luger (3D printed)
Rossi 357
Springfield XDM40
Kahr P390
Sig P226
Glock 26 & 17
Desert Eagle 50 cal

If I don’t have one for your firearm, no problem. I have a few options for you.
I might be able to 3D print your gun to make the holsters. If I can't find the 3D file then the other options are listed below.
I can purchase the blue gun and make it for you (I will need payment upfront)
You can purchase the blue gun and I will make a holster for you for free if I can keep the blue gun
You can loan me your firearm (I will give you a picture of my license and carry permit so you’d know where I live) I’ve done this for several ODTers

Feel free to text (404)374-4four78

Plus $5 shipping with payment up front (if you are not local). I accept PayPal f&f, CashApp or Venmo

Thanks for looking and carry on!



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