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Item Relisted! FS Daniel Defense MK12 with Vortex Viper PST gen II 2-10 in Excellent Condition


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Aug 2, 2018
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Colbert, Georgia
Rifle has less than 100 rounds through it, sighted in scope then has sit since then. This is very lightly used rifle that includes scope and a few upgrades for cheaper than the MSRP of a new DD Mk12.

Just as a Heads up the price listed includes all but the light and magazines, the light shown is a Surefire Dual Fuel Pro (not the turbo) with a PLHv2 Modlite Head, If you wanted the light I would include it with both the original surefire head (flood beam) and the Modlite PLHv2 head for $2550 total ($250 extra for the light and both heads)

Gun also has a Geissele SSA (comes standard with the DD MK12), Daniel Defense 30mm mount, Geissele super 42 spring installed, vortex scope caps, a Magpul SL-S stock, Magpul Foregrip, and Magpul Bipod.

All internals except the super 42 are Original and I could swap it back out if you would like.

I am not trying to represent this as a clone, it is far from it just basically Daniel Defenses extremely loose interpretation of a MK12 with a few add ons.

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