Item Relisted! FS Forester VALKYRIE 224 Reloading Dies


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Aug 1, 2013
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United States
224 Valkyrie reloading dies and items for sale.

offers the Forster 224 Valkyrie Die Set. The Bench Rest Die Set includes one Full Length Sizing Die and one Bench Rest Seater Die. The Sizing die is made from the highest quality high carbon steel and machined to exacting tolerances on state of the art lathes. The dies are heat treated to ensure a superior high Rockwell hardness. The Sizing Die has a E-Z Out expander ball that keeps the case necks as concentric as possible. The Seating die for the 224 Valkyrie is also made from heat treated, case hardened steel to exacting tolerances. They are a full support style die that ensures consistent, perfectly concentric alignment of the bullet to the case. The Seating die is a non-crimping style to prevent a loss of concentricity.

Specifications and Features:
  • Heat Treated, Case Hardened Steel
  • Modern Lathe Machining Process
  • E-Z Out Expander
  • Non-crimping Seating Die


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