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Item Relisted! FS Freedom Arms Model 83 Premier Grade .454 Casull 7.5" Barrel Price Drop


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Dec 26, 2019
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Freedom Arms Model 83 Premier Grade (even though not marked like some are, I called FA and they confirmed this based on the serial number) .454 Casull (you can also shoot .45 Long Colt in these). 7.5" barrel. Adjustable rear sight. Aftermarket Mag-na-port - this style was common on the early guns. I have the matching serial-numbered manual but not the box. There is a scope mount with 1" rings that I am 99.9% sure fits this gun. Estimate 97% condition - there are two light scuffs near the ports which are in the close up pictures, and another elsewhere on the barrel. Also a very faint ring on parts of the cylinder in the usual spot where the indexer contacts it. Includes 22 rounds of FA factory ammo, 5 reloads, and 117 FA brass. I am not the original owner, but it was like new when I got it and I have put less than 200 rounds of medium-strength handloads through it. The current retail price is $3225 without the porting, and I am asking only $1700.

I have dropped the price significantly. Someone interested in this gun asked me what the "pin" was on the right side. It is actually a set screw. I called Freedom Arms to ask about this. It turns out that the very early models had a removable forcing cone that could be replaced if it wore out. FA said this idea, while more robust than a forcing cone integrated with the barrel, was too costly. So they switched to using an integrated forcing cone. Now, they told me they cannot service these forcing cones anymore, and if for some reason you wear one out, you have to get a whole new barrel, which is around $450. I asked them what to look for regarding signs of forcing cone wear. I have a Hawkeye bore scope, and I cleaned the gun and inspected the forcing cone very carefully. I could see no issues whatsoever. FA did tell me that you can wreck the forcing cone quickly with Lil Gun. But they also said the powders listed in the early manual I reference below should be just fine (296 can duplicate the factory load). I lost the notes regarding what powder I used in my reloads, but it was certainly something from that early manual.

If you are a reloader, I have 2 different sets of RCBS dies, 300 new FA brass, and 464 various bullets from 240-300 grains including FA originals. I've got an original FA loading manual dating to 1991 and also a copy of a G&A article from 1997 on reloading for it. $1850 for the gun and all the reloading stuff, or we can work out something if you only want some of the reloading stuff.

If the gun buyer is not interested in the reloading stuff, I may list that on here separately, but it will not be sold until the gun is sold.


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