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Item Relisted! FS/FT 1971 Dodge D100


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Jun 13, 2013
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Warner Robins
I am probably going to regret it, but I am going to let go of my 1971 Dodge D100 Sidestep. Manual This thing has seen many of ODT meets.

It is white/cream in color, has some rust, has been my daily driver for 5 plus years.

When I got it, it had about 45,000 miles on it, since I have had it, it has rolled over one time and is now on a little over 30,000 miles.

-I did a conversion on it and changed the 3-speed to an A-833 with over driver out of an 85 Dodge D150. This involved changing the bell housing, and drive shaft as well from the three speed set up. I did this to be able to go on the highway and drive more comfortably on it. I changed the no name shift box on the A-833 to a Hurst shift box. The fuel tank has also been relocated to under the bed. I put a Rees Trailer hitch on it. Trailer wiring works.

-No Title -bill of sale

In the last year or so I have replaced: brake shoes, master cylinder, battery, clutch, and put on BF Goodrich K02 tires on it. Replaced the glove box as well.

Would be a great hunting rig. Great truck, it is really built like a tank. Seat is in good shape.

It does have issues, the top end on the motor needs to have the head and valve seals done. It currently is drivable but is ruff. The shift box would probably need to be redone for a new driver. I can drive it, however I have learned how it shifts and can feel it. Also the steering is not super tight like modern vehicles being how old it is and some of the steering parts could probably be replaced to tighten it up for a new driver. The seal around the windshield is cracked some and when it rains some water does come through. It leaks oil and some coolant. Motor does need work. Flashers don't work but blinkers work fine, you just have to hold it as the rod does not stay it automatically bounces back to the middle when you let go. the drivers floor has a hole in it but it does not affect driving it, I honestly don't notice it till I drop my soda cap through it driving down the road. I did a compression test on it and all the cylinders were high 130's low 140's except for cylinder 4 which was 12 psi with and without oil. cylinder 1 fouls out the plug but had good compression, does not seem like oil is getting on the plug. It's a old truck so there may be other things I have gotten used to and over looked. Only has drivers side mirror. Passenger side grill plastic is gone, I hit a deer some years back and have not gotten a new one.

I am listing it as is. If I fix the motor myself, I might just convince myself to keep it.

No trades at this time, I do not need a boat or bike. I am only selling as I bought another truck with more room.


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