Item Relisted! FS/FT 2006 Dodge Ram 4.7 V8


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Sep 27, 2021
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Warner Robins, GA
Truck is not in running condition and has been sitting for a few months. If bought, it will need to be towed and some mechanical work will be needed if you are wanting to get it back on the road. I am unsure of why it stopped running, but due to getting a new vehicle I need it gone. The truck had roughly 150,000k miles, I have not been able to check the exact mileage because the battery connectors have corroded not allowing us to start it up. It does have sun damage on the paint from not being driven and has a few dents and scratches. Truck is smoke free and interior is in good condition aside from the normal everyday wear on the driver seat. Came out to start it one day and it didn't start definitely is gonna need some work done thats why its so cheap. It's got a new battery even though it's got corrosion on it now it has new tires it would smoke out the exhaust when it would run but it stopped smoking once you ran the truck alittle while. The oil didn't seem milky so didn't think it was a head gasket. But not really sure what it is. It's been sitting for a few months so I'm not positive but I do believe it made a clicking noise when trying to start it back when it first died. but now the battery is completely dead from sitting. It has gas in it but I did put a can of fuel treatment in it because it had like 9-10 gallons in it.


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