Item Relisted! FS/FT AK74s/5.45x39/pvs14 for Rnvg etc

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May 4, 2017
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Hello all, I’ve got a little package deal that I’m trying to get rid of for some “Gucci” nods

1st piece is a Arsenal SLR104FR (5.45x39)
Basically new, been to the range once.
I have all original furniture, box, docs and the latter. Right now she’s rocking the triangle folder with Chinese grips. I do have a good bit of magazines to go with this for the right trade, Bakelite, circle 10, ak12 and so on
Can include ammo

2nd is an Arsenal SLR106f (5.56x45)
This one is my shooter I’ve put a good bit ammo through this one, still in fantastic shape with absolutely 0 issues
I have 1 beryl mag that may go with 1 30rnd circle 10 waffle and 2 20rnd circle 10 waffles
Right now she’s rocking the 104s side folder factory stock and a zentico handguard
I do have some original furniture for this aswell, I don’t have the original box or docs

3rd is a Smith and Wesson MP15 in 5.45x39
Super unique and hard to find
Planned on building a fun little Gucci ar for all this 5.45 I have. Plans have changed and this one is leaving.
It is brand new to my knowledge.
Comes with 2 30rnd mags

Last is my gen3 pvs14, perfect shape, auto gated, on a j arm and Chinese Wilcox,
I don’t have a spec sheet and don’t know about the tubes, but this is the cleanest pvs14 I’ve ever used. Image is insanely clear with 0 blems what so ever.

I’m looking to trade all of this for a set of L3 unfilmed or thin filmed white phos duals. Pvs31, Rnvg, katanas or similar units. I do have some cash to play with also.
I may separate the package depending on the offer at hand. Feel free to message me for any questions


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