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Item Relisted! FS/FT AR-15 handguard, linear comp, and Shockwave


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Jan 10, 2018
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Acworth, GA
See below breakdown for descriptions. Can meet up off Wade Green Rd in Kennesaw or halfway for the right trade.

-8” SLR Ion Light rail. Rail comes with all the mounting hardware and wrench. There are only light usage marks on this top quality rail- $200

-9.3” Fortis Switch rail with additional mounting wrench. Brand new in the box. $200

-KAW Valley .223 linear comp with crush washer $30

-Shockwave brace. This is the 2m brace that mounts to a standard buffer tube. $30

Trades I’m looking for:

-Trijicon 1.5x16S Compact ACOG® Scope - RTR™ .223 scope(red horseshoe of death)

-Sig P365 and Sig P320 parts. Mainly looking for back up parts such as springs, extractors, firing pins, ext. If you have some performance parts I might also be interested in those.

-Aero M4E1 or better quality lower in black(prefer a stripped lower)

-Gen 5(orange follower) Glock 17 9mm mags in black. 17, or 33 round magazines.

-Sig p320 21 round mags

-P365 10 or 12 round mags

-Surefire Scout M300 or M600 light.

-Tikka T3X lightweight carbon fiber stock(that takes Tikka mags)

-Glock mag chest rig or multi mag sling for 33 round mags.

- High quality sand blasting cabinet(not Harbor Fright)

- Dirt cheap .223, .22lr, .308, .380 acp, or 9mm brass cased fmj range/plinking ammo. I could use some 380 acp and 9mm self defense ammo.

-Project pistols(rusted ,busted, or disgusting) As long as the pistol is able to be fixed I will be interested.

-.556/.223(55-62g), 9mm(fmj or jhp), or 357 magnum reloading projectiles. Reloading powder for those calibers. Small pistol or small rifle primers, I don’t need brass.

-Champion 3500-4500 watt duel fuel inverter generator with wheels(newish generator)

-Floor mounted drill press

-Nice bow case and quiver. Possibly 30” hunting arrows with 350 spine and broad heads.

Newish 2 cycle weed wacker with string and edging attachment capability and 4 cycle backpack blower. These need to be of quality brands.

-Big fat $100 bills

-If you’re offering something outside of the above trade list please understand you’re going to need to make it worth my while. I will however entertain all offers.


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