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Item Relisted! FS/FT Beretta 948 .22 from 1952


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Aug 9, 2012
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Beretta 948 .22

Another one from the .22 collection. I shot this one time. It functioned well with a few misfires. Per the gunsmith who did an unofficial across the counter cursory evaluation said it needed springs, especially the recoil spring. I have not done anything to it since I traded into this gun.

Has patina on the slide and barrel. The frame was blued, but most of it came off.

Comes with only 1 (one) mag, and for the hearing impaired I will say this again...it comes with ONE mag. Replacement mags are available.

If I have never dealt with you before or if you have low positive feedback, I would like to eyeball a GWL.

$350. New price is $300!!! .... now $285 -NO BOX

***Need to note, unfortunately, as it happened to me...once, and will only happen once. If I sell/trade a gun with you, and you take apart beyond the normal factory recommended procedures to clean/lube and it breaks...it is your problem. I don't know your gunsmith credentials, if any. I had to eat a gun I sold and this happened. I fully refunded without knowing the full extent of the damage. A couple of gunsmiths later, I was told, when in doubt on removing something involving threads, keep applying oil to loosen it up on a gun- DON'T manhandle it. Lesson learned for me, and now I am putting this disclaimer in.


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