Item Relisted! FS/FT Factory Bootleg Inc. Upper (Primary Weapons Systems DI Division)

Johnny B. Goode

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Jan 25, 2017
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Guyton/Pooler/Savannah and surrounding areas.
This is the last of my Bootleg Inc. stuff. This is a factory 10.75" .223 Wylde upper. Yes, I said 10.75". This is what makes it a rarity (probably, maybe not). It's been sitting in my safe for a while, so I've decided to get rid of it as well. They don't make this upper anymore, and everything on it is original except for the muzzle device. Speaking of, the device that's on it right now will be removed and replaced with the original A2 birdcage. This upper has been lightly used, but still shows signs of use (i.e. a little dried Loctite, light marks from where the accessories were, etc.). All told, this upper probably has a total of ten standard capacity mags through it. It comes with the original charging handle. No BCG, though, as I didn't get one with it.

If you'd like the muzzle device that's on it, please know that it's brand new, and I'll leave it on there for an extra $75. I'll also ship it if you'll cover the cost.

It you have any questions, please ask.


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