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Item Relisted! FS/FT LNIB PSA-25 Baby Browning -Stainless


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Oct 18, 2013
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Item Description: From my collection, the recent version of the famous Baby Browning, a limited number LNIB stainless PSA-.25 Baby in the original case with cleaning brush, manual and 1 factory mag. Because these are limited productions and still inspected by one man, the numbers produced are small each year. This one is in gorgeous "like new" condition. The mark in the last picture is only in the photo to block the serial number. I am only selling because I have too many small .25 and .32 caliber handguns at the moment (5 of these). I am starting to believe I am OCD when it comes to handguns!!

You can Google to learn about this company being awarded the licensing to continue producing a version of the Baby Browning starting in their previous name of PSP, now known as PSA. Here is some history:

FN manufactured and marketed the Baby Browning from 1931 until 1979, though exports to the US only took place between 1953-1968. About 550,000 units were produced, including the hand chiseled engraved "Renaissance" and the "Lightweight" version. The Lightweight utilized a 6061 T6 aluminum frame and hexavalent chrome-plated (over electro-less nickel) slide and external detail parts. With the exception of special order nickel-plated units and the above-mentioned versions, all of the 1931 Baby Brownings were finished in chemical hot blue. The halt to exports to the US in 1968 was mandated by the Gun Control Act of 1968 - which was precipitated by Robert Kennedy's assassination involving an Iver Johnson manufactured revolver. This piece of legislation was signed into law by then President Lyndon Johnson. It forbade the importation of certain firearms, among them the 1931 Baby Browning - but it didn't forbid the domestic production of these same weapons. FN transferred production of the Baby Browning to Manufacture d'armes de Bayonne (MAB) during 1979. Based in Bayonne, France, MAB produced the pistol from 1979 until 1983 when bankruptcy forced it to discontinue production. Production of the Baby Browning ceased in Europe at that time. During 1982, discussions began between FN and its North American-based representative Jim Stone focusing on securing a North American-based contractor to manufacture the Baby Browning on a turnkey basis. In 1984 a Canadian Swiss screw machine shop, Precision Small Parts, Ltd (PSP) entered into a technology transfer and production agreement with FN to manufacture the pistol. It was based in Aurora, Ontario and maintained a subsidiary in Charlottesville, Virginia.

FN issued an order to PSP for 40,000 of the pistols, all to be exported to Austria for onward distribution under the Browning logo. PSP's owner Joseph Maygar Sr. had a long working relationship with FN dating back to the days of the Hungarian Resistance Movement of WWII. PSP produced firearms parts as well as sub-machine guns for FN. In 1985 the Canadian federal authorities forced PSP to transfer production of the Baby Browning pistol frame (the essential part according to the legal definition of a firearm) to its Virginia, USA facility, though the Canadian side of the company continued to manufacture the slide and detail parts for the pistol (except for the magazine, which was contracted out to Mec-Gar of Italy). When the US subsidiary of PSP applied for a federal export permit with the Department of State to transfer the pistols to FN via its Austrian intermediary, the permit was denied. At that time, Austria was known to be a trans-shipment point for armaments for the Middle East, and presumably the State Department did not want a large number of Baby Browning pistols ending up in that region.

This action on part of the State Department caused PSP to become insolvent. The insolvency of the company eventually precipitated a sale to a US/Canadian-based investor group in 1991 orchestrated by San Francisco, California based merchant banker Lenn Kristal. During 1995 the technology and inventory of parts of the FN Baby Browning project was spun out by the investor group into a new entity under Kristal's control and direction, which became known as Precision Small Arms, Inc. (PSA), and the pistol was rebranded at that time as the PSA-25 Baby.

From their website:




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