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Item Relisted! FS/FT Pre64 Winchester 37 410 Factory Pistol Grip, The Rarest of all Snake Guns..


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May 19, 2014
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Winchester 37 410 Pistol Grip Commissioned by John Olin in the late 40s or early 50's for Nilo Farms in Albany Georgia. Mentioned in the Robert Lawrence Wilson Book "Winchester American Legend". Gun has been in family since the day deliverd to farm. Grandfather who worked for Burgin Lumber company in Cuthbert Ga was hired to Cruise the Timber on the Plantation and was there when the case of Guns arrived. Grandfather said there where either "24" or "27" Guns in the case and John with whom he had become friendly and who very much appreciated my Grandfathers service during WW2 gave him one of the Guns which he carried with him as he Cruised the Timber. He said it actually came in handy as he killed a large Timber Rattle Snake with it as he was Cruising. Grandfather loaned the gun to a friend several years later for a short period of time who is responsible for damage/small chip on forearm.

Throughout the 1950s to mid 1970s Gun was carried untold miles Cruising Timber throughout the South East and spent many nights on Fishing Trips but since around 1977 it has spent its time resting in the Gun Case getting an occasional oil wipe down.

Completely Original:
-Blue is 90%ish+ Has a few very slight wear marks and (1) small area worn off with slight pitting near the end of Barrel.
-Wood is in good shape but does show use and a few scuffs with one area of slight damage to forearm.
-Bore is bright and clean.

Will consider serious offers but not in a rush at all and don't need to sell.

More pictures available upon request, feel free to post any questions but it may be a few days days before i answer.

Again not in any rush but decided to post here since this is a very easy first shot but also considering other possible options to sell that eventually i will pursue if needed. Have several other nice Guns of various makes and models that I will be selling/posting over the next several months to year that I just don't want and plan on turning into items that I do want but this is by far the Gem of the lot.

Valid DL if in Georgia required, personal/person to person Transaction.
Buyer must be legally able to own/buy Firearms.

If outside of Georgia we will need to find a FFL dealer to handle out of State Transfer.

I am in the North Atlanta area and will Travel within reason to meet but meeting place will be secure area such as a Sheriff or Police Station or perhaps even at a Gun Show.

Send me a message with a way to contact you and give me perhaps a couple days to reach out.

Also just to inspire anyone that has contacts with any serious collectors, $2000.00 will be given to anyone that leads them to me after sell is completed.


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May 19, 2014
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You’ll be hard pressed to find someone on here willing to drop $175,000 on a gun.
No rush, not really expecting to sell here but you never know. Also needed to become familiar with site as its been awhile and have some other items i will be posting over the next several months that are nice but not as exclusive as this....


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Dec 9, 2020
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Would gather as much documentation as possible and contact one of the larger auction services who specialize in historical firearms.
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