Item Relisted! FS/FT Spyderco, Benchmade, HK, Cold Steel, Hinderer, and More Huge Collection...


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Aug 25, 2020
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Sandy Springs, GA
I'm in need of a new shotgun or other fun firearms and I've decided to start digging into my knife collection to get one. I'm willing to make some favorable trades if you're a knife collector. I used to live about 20 minutes from the Spyderco HQ in Golden so I have a few rare birds. Looking for a decent 12 gauge semi, pump, or coach gun, an 8 shot 357, and maybe a 1911, but I'll listen to other offers.

Busse battle mistress, PIG Police and Microtech Socom are GONE.

Custom/High End:
Busse Battle Mistress in SR101- SOLD
Terzuola Midtech EDC in CPM154, carbon fiber scales, with case and dog tag- 600
Hinderer XM-18 3.5 in CPM S35VN, skinner blade, custom milled titanium scale by CZAR Precision- 600
Hinderer XM-18 3.5 in CPM 20CV, wharncliffe blade, custom solid titanium scale, copper hardware, missing one cross scale nut- SOLD

Citadel Auto in S30V, Aluminum scales, safety detent needs replacement, like new otherwise- SOLD
Civilian Tuffram in Gin-1, Kraton inlaid tuffram scales, rare plain edge, used- 250
Police in G-2 stainless, older used model- SOLD
PIG Police- SOLD
Tuff in Cruwear, New in Box- SOLD

Paramilitary 2 in Cruwear Smooth G10 scales, deep carry clip, like new with box- 250
Jot Singh Khalsa in VG-10, black g10, used with box- 140
Phoenix in VG-10 New in box- SOLD
Caly Jr in Super Blue, New in box- SOLD
Delica 4 in Super Blue, like new- SOLD

Caly3 in Super Blue, gray g10, used with box- 300
Endura 4 in Super Blue, used- 200
Michael Walker Lightweight in AUS-8, used-60
Mini Dyad in ATS-55, Micarta scales, used- 100 SOLD
Navigator Experimental in Gin-1, black G10- 100
Pegasus Experimental in Gin-1, stainless- 200
Military in ATS-34, black G10, 2 screw clip, plain edge, heavily used, replacement screws, basically a parts knife- 80 alone or 50 with another Military
Military in ATS-34, black G10, 2 screw clip, serrated, used- 150
Military in ATS-34, black blade, black G10, 2 screw clip, plain edge, lightly used- SOLD
Worker in Gin-1, 3 screw clip, barely used- 300
Worker in Gin-1, 2 screw, missing one- 800

HK 14460, made by Benchmade. 154cm steel. Carried a lot used a little. Blade is in excellent condition, clip was replaced with a slimmer crkt one for more discreet carry- 150
Precinct 320, 154cm steel, light carry wear, near no use- 125

Combat Troodon in CTS 204P, 2019 production, double edge plain and serrates, coated blade, cerakoted purple camo, with box and paperwork- 400 SOLD

Cold Steel:
El Hombre in VG-1, light use- 120
Cold Steel Large Shinobu, VG-1 Sanai backlock, rubber grips, from the OG Cold Steel days, used- SOLD


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