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Item Relisted! FS/FT UBERTI engraved "Dalton gang"model

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Apr 15, 2011
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To pay homage to the famous men and women
of the Old West, Uberti is introducing the
limited-edition Outlaws and Lawmen series.
Each piece in this collection draws its
inspiration from the actual gun carried by the
historical figure after which it is named. Only a
imited number of these highly-collectable guns
will be available each year, making them rare
and unique in their own right.and unique in their own right
This beautifully-engraved revolver was owned
by Bob Dalton from the notorious Dalton gang
The gang's long list of sprees came to an end in
Coffeyville, KS, in 1892 in the course of an
attempted bank robbery. A group of armed
townspeople was able to engage the gang in a
shootout and kill a number of its members
including Bob. Today, Uberti recreates in the
most minute details the revolver that was
recovered from Bob's body on that ill-fated
October day-talk about a piece of Old West
history! Fully decorated with engraving
replicating the design found on Bob Dalton's
Colt. The hand-chased work is by the famed
Atelier Giovanelli, one of ltaly's most
prestigious engravers. It has a 5 1/2" barrel ,pearl grips & shoots .38spl &.357
Unfired - new w/original box & docs.
Message or text anytime.704-241-8701


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