Item Relisted! FS/FT Victron Energy Solar Generator Components for Home / Van / Camper / RV / etc


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Dec 31, 2011
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Bought these components in October for a Graduate School research paper in cyber security. Got an A on the paper so no longer need these. These items were used for cyber security testing and barely used to generate any power as that wasn't really the purpose of the research. Everything worked well and I am not aware of any issues however given these are used they are sold as-is I can not guarantee this is the size of components you need or if they are the right components for what you want to do. These are great components for a lot of uses but it will be up to you to decide your use and installation. Uses for these can range from home solar generation - on or off grid, van camping, RVs, offgrid cabins, etc. You can see more on youtube videos and channels like:
Explorist.Life -
DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse -

I am not selling any other components than these e.g. if you want to do a solar setup you'll need solar panels and cabling for those but you can get those easily.

Can meet in the Smyrna/Marietta GA area. Cash in person. Willing to ship for cost. Venmo/Money Order if shipped. FYI the Multiplus is a heavy beast.

Victron Energy MultiPlus 2000VA 12-Volt Pure Sine Wave Inverter 80 amp Battery Charger, Compact - Paid $1155 - Looking for $1000

Victron Energy Cerbo GX, Panels and System Monitoring - Paid $300 - Looking for $240

Victron Energy Lynx Distributor - Paid $207 - Looking for $170

Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT 100V 20 amp 12-24-Volt Solar Charge Controller - Paid $160 - Looking for $130

Victron Energy SmartShunt 500 amp Battery Monitor (Bluetooth) - Paid $130 - Looking for $105

(2) Victron Energy VE.Direct Cable 6ft - Paid $15 - Looking for $18 for both

Blue Sea Systems ANL Fuse Block with Insulating Cover(Has one side removed for cable run) w/ Blue Sea Systems ANL 300A Fuse - Paid $37 - Looking for $18

Blue Sea Systems 300 Amp m-Series Battery Switch On/Off w/Knob - Paid $27 - Looking for $18

(2) 2AWG 3ft Black 5/16lugs - Paid $19ea - Looking for $24 for both
(1) 2AWG 3ft Black 5/16lugs with one opened up for larger lug - Paid $19 - Looking for $12
(2) 2AWG 3ft Red 5/16lugs - Paid $19ea - Looking for $24 for both
(1) 2AWG 1ft Black 5/16lugs with one opened up for larger lug - Paid $13 - Looking for $7
(2) 2AWG 1ft Red 5/16lugs with one opened up for larger lug - Paid $13ea - Looking for $13 for both


All in original packaging (except cables which just came in bags anyway)

Take it all, add a few more cables, solar panels, and batteries and you'll have a full solar generating, AC output, and AC charging system you can manage and monitor over the internet and on your phone using the VictronConnect app - Looking for $1700

Trades - Open but some ideas below. Partials with cash up/down as needed:
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