Item Relisted! FS Hornady Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant with extras - Reloader


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Nov 15, 2016
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Marietta, GA
Well, I've held on to this long enough without using it. Only used the 9mm deprimer with this press to remove primers from about 50 shells just to time the machine. That is the only use this has ever seen. As close to brand new as you can get. I'm not even going to add up how much I have into all this, but its way higher than I'm asking (probably double).

This machine is the complete package, auto case feed, auto bullet feed, etc.
Check it out here:!/

Includes the hardwood bench that it's mounted too and all the stuff you see on the bench.
Includes 9mm and 30-06 dies. 20 quick change bushings. Shell plate #1 and #8. Two case feeder plates. Lyman reloading handbook.

Want to get into welding and have 220 put in my garage. My wife says I have to sell something first.

Near Lassiter High School.


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