Item Relisted! FS No longer imported yugo m77 Ak47 package

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Aug 21, 2012
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Item has been relisted, you can find the new listing at:
Item Name: FS No longer imported Converted yugo m77 Ak47 package

Location: Kennesaw

Zip Code: 30152

Item is for: Sale/trade
Sale Price: 1

Caliber: 7.62x51

Willing to Ship: No

Bill of Sale Required?: No

Item Description: I have a 922r converted no longer imported yugo m77 ak47 which chambered in 7.62x51(.308)which has a 19.69in barrel and the thicker receiver. Because they are no longer imported they are rarely seen for sale anymore. I put a standard m4 adjustable stock with a removable adjustable cheek riser added. The scope mount is a two piece Rs regulate 307 and 300 for the lowest above bore mount, it has Hawks panoramic 4-12x40 Ao ir mildot scope( this scope allows great clarity of the target while the panoramic field of view allows for you to keep track other targets at the same time). I really like the scope and mount so I could see keeping it and putting it on another rifle, if you don’t want it I can work out a different price without it. It also has a cantable 9”-12”in Harris bipod with a rail and adapter added to the lower hand guard( I can’t remember the company who made the hand guards but they are higher end than tapco) an Intrafuse flash suppressor which also helps with muzzle riser for quick follow up shots, all for the low price of $1399(1050 without the scope and mount, but with bipod and muzzle break as the barrel is threaded) based off the most recent pre-freak out fair market prices for the parts I have, and the most recent sale price of a m77 I was able to find months ago as people are holding on to these. I have 1 original 10rd mag and 1-10rd csspec mag, 6-20rd and 3-25 rd csspec mags for $450.
240 zq1 m80 $170
380 Aguilar fmjbt x51 $400
50 Spanish armor piercing(impossible to find, and I will only sell the ap ammo with the rifle)$230 total- $800 I won’t sell the ammo until after I have sold the rifle
Everything Is $2649 but I would sell it all for $2375(save$274 off the already low price), and I will throw in a few .50cal ammo cans. I hate to sell it but I am trying to help a friend who helped me financially through my divorce, and he gave me the cash with no expectation of repayment. I will take a lower end Ak as a partial trade, or other guns 9mm or 45, 7.62x39, .45, 9mm ammo, mich helmet, or something else gun related as a partial trade as the goal is to get money raised for my friend. I go to jasper/dawsonville some weekends. Thanks for looking




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