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Item Relisted! FS Shaw Custom 300 HAM'R 18" Stainless Steel Fluted Upper Assembly

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Apr 27, 2015
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The 300 HAM'R was developed for optimal terminal performance in a standard AR rifle - and offers near .308 Winchester effectiveness while exceeding the ballistics of the famous 30-30 rifle - the most popular hunting cartridge of all time.

The 300 HAM'R cartridge surpasses the 300 BLACKOUT in multiple aspects at a distance of 200 yards, featuring an impressive 18% increase in retained velocity, a substantial 40% boost in energy, and an astonishingly flatter trajectory by 56%. This exceptional performance is complemented by outstanding accuracy and minimal recoil when paired with a lightweight and compact standard AR platform, which seamlessly incorporates a standard 5.56 Bolt. It's worth noting that this Assembled Upper Receiver also includes the Bolt for added convenience.

With a legacy spanning over a century in gun barrel manufacturing, Shaw Custom is a global leader. Trusted by major firearm manufacturers and discerning individuals, Shaw gun barrels set the standard for excellence. Explore a history of quality and precision, recognized worldwide for delivering the best in firearm performance.

We meticulously craft the 300 HAM'R, utilizing reliable, high-quality components. Our assembly process includes precise torquing to Mil-Spec standards, thorough headspace checks, and the inclusion of a supplied bolt. Furthermore, we ensure upper receivers are trued, barrels are bedded to guarantee peak accuracy and performance. Prior to shipment, each firearm undergoes meticulous gas system adjustment and test firing with supplied bolt to ensure optimal functionality and safety.

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  • Caliber - Shaw, 300 HAM'R
  • Length - 18" Barrel
  • Material - 416R Stainless Steel
  • Finish - Matte, Bead Blasted
  • Profile - 8 Flute
  • Twist - 1-15 Button Rifled
  • Ramp - Blackout
  • Gas System - Adjustable, Intermediate
  • Hand Guard - 15" MLOK
  • Bolt - Included
  • Muzzle Brake - MBP Cobra
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