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Apr 11, 2011
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Ok Folks, I’m going to let go of some of my backpacking and camping tents in the next few day, so check back from time to time.
In total, I’ll put 4 or 5 tents up. All are quality brand tents!
A Camel 2 man car camping/ back packing tent.
A Sierra Lightning 1 man backpacking tent w/footprint.
A Eureka Timberline Special Edition 2 man tent
A North Face Sequoia 4 man tent w/footprint.

(I‘lol pitch them all to get pictures and verify they have everything they came with.
(I’m going to recommend in every case that you pitch it and waterproof seams as I did every couple of years. It’s inexpensive and takes just minutes).
Here’s the first one - It’s a Camel Outdoors Two Man Bivvy
It has enough room for two full sized guys. It’s super airy and cool. I’ve been in a couple of heavy downpours in this tent and with the one piece full coverage fly I have never gotten wet. The way it’s configured even in the rain you can open the vents on both end to stay cool. In cool weather it’s not so big that your body heat won’t be able to warm the tent some. I really liked this tent and used it both car camping and backpacking.
If you would like, I can meet you somewhere where we can pitch anyone of these together.
Here’s some pictures :D


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